All-on-4 Dental Implants Treatment Cost Abroad - savina dental clinics malta

All-on-4 Dental Implants Treatment Cost Abroad

Teeth are the foundation of a beautiful smile. Losing a few teeth, be it to age, oral diseases or even an accident can compromise your…
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Dental Implants Abroad at Savina dental clinics Malta

Dental Implants Abroad: Best Options for UK & Irish Residents

Dental implants abroad are now a viable option for UK & Irish residents looking for an affordable cost solution to an expensive dental procedure in…
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Cosmetic Dentistry Abroad

Dentistry in the United Kingdom and other European nations is exorbitantly expensive. This has led to patients seeking dental treatments abroad. Cosmetic dentistry abroad is…
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Dental Holiday Europe: Top 10 Things To Do in Malta Between Dental Visits

Malta is a beautiful country and a top dental tourist destination. It is located at the very centre of the Mediterranean and boasts of an…
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getting crowns abroad

The Pros and Cons Of Dental Crowns Abroad

Poor dental care and bad eating habits may result in a variety of conditions that need dental treatment. Your teeth may decay, loosen, or lose…
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Getting Veneers Abroad - Savina dental clinics malta

Getting Veneers Abroad: Why It Can Make Sense

If you have chipped, partly broken, cracked or heavily discoloured teeth, you can consider having dental veneers treatment. Dental Veneers offer an excellent cosmetic solution,…
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Dental Tourism Europe - Malta is a top choice - savina dental clinics malta and gozo

Dental Tourism Europe: Why You Should Consider Malta

Dental tourism, just like medical tourism, is when a patient travels out of their homeland to another country in search of alternative or better dental…
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Dr-Joseph-Xuereb, UK Trained Dentist Abroad, Malta

How To Find A Dentist Abroad

Dentistry is the most popular type of medical tourism procedure. This is especially common in the UK where dental practices taking NHS dental patients are…
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