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Unfortunately, most people who lose their teeth struggle with their image. While many cases can now be resolved with dental implants, in cases where teeth have been lost a long time before or where teeth have been lost through gum disease, the severity of the bone loss may preclude the placement of endosseous (in-bone) implants.

In some cases wearing uncomfortable and unsatisfactory removable dentures may seem to be the only solution, and although bone grafting is another viable option, it is disadvantaged by various uncertainties such as a long recovery time (about a year), among other factors.

This is where Eagle Grid Dental Implant System comes in.

Eagle Grid is a more recent dental technology that entails placing implants over the bone instead of inside it. This procedure is only a few years old, and dentists use it to treat conditions that were impossible to treat before.

Unlike dentures, dentists use a grid (personalized metal structure) and screws to provide a fixed solution to their patients. The technology utilises titanium because of its tremendous biocompatibility and the majority of patients will have no reactions to it. Worldwide, allergies to titanium are limited to a handful of cases.

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The difference between Eagle Grid and standard implants

Eagle Grid differs from the standard implants in that it fits over the bone and under the skin lining of the mouth (Subperiostal implant).

Because of this, the volume of gum bone left after teeth are lost is not important. The Grid is fixed to certain points in the mouth and surrounding areas where bone is always present.

Who is eligible for Eagle Grid?

Because this implant procedure does not rely on the amount of bone left after teeth are lost, most healthy patients are suitable candidates for EagleGrid. Patients with severe medical conditions, patients who have had radiotherapy to their head and neck, uncontrolled diabetics and heavy smokers are amongst those not considered suitable for this treatment

How does Eagle Grid work?

Eagle Grid fits like a saddle over the upper or lower jaw. The grid is attached to the bone using screws.  And since they are made of titanium, they integrate into the bone after some time. The grid incorporates several extensions which project outwards from the jaw into the mouth. These extensions initially support a temporary fixed bridge but after a few months this is replaced with a fixed bridge

Eagle Grid Insertion Before and After Images - Savina Dental Clinics Malta and Gozo

When the eagle grid dental expert completes the procedure, you can chew the same way you do with your natural teeth. At first, it may feel a little bit uncomfortable but after a few weeks, the fixed bridge will become second nature.

sterile eagle grid before insertion savina clinics malta

Sterile eagle grid before insertion

finished bridge using eagle grid dental implant protocol at Savina Dental clinics malta and gozo

Patient four months later with the new fixed bridge

The Eagle Grid Installation procedure

  1. The first step is a panoramic x-ray of the jaws. Accurate impressions of both upper and lower gums are then taken and used to create a radiographic (x-ray) stent for use in the mouth during a Cone Beam CT scan examination
  2. The CT scan images are elaborated in a specialised laboratory in CADCAM to produce the Eagle Grid according to the patient’s requirements
  3. Highly specialised equipment utilising laser melting at Biotec BTK laboratories in Italy use a very powerful laser beam to sinterise titanium powder into a three-dimensional structure: the Eagle Grid
  4. In the dental clinic setting, under local anaesthetic with or without sedation the gums are carefully exposed so that the Eagle Grid can be fitted in place. The Grid is fitted utilising specialised screws similar to the ones used in orthopaedics and traumatology. After suturing the patient is fitted with the immediate resin bridge that allows immediate chewing and guides the healing of the gums
  5. After 3 to 4 months, once the Grid and the surrounding tissues have healed and settled, the bridge is reconditioned or replaced

Eagle Grid Implants FAQ

How long does it take to fix Eagle Grid Implants?

Since the Eagle Grid procedure doesn’t require bone regeneration through grafting, it only takes a few hours. If the dental technicians create the Grid according to the specifications, it will take less than half a day to complete the procedure.

Is Eagle Grid suitable for everyone?

Eagle Grid is for everyone who has lost teeth. It doesn’t matter whether you are a smoker or you have diabetes so long as a good level of mouth hygiene is maintained. Moreover, dental technicians use remarkably biocompatible titanium. The chances of a patient experiencing allergic reactions are almost zero.

Can I get Eagle Grid implants if I have dentures?

Unlike dentures, Eagle Grid ensures that the patient gets a fixed solution. Regardless of whether you have dentures or not, Eagle Grid is applicable.

Is Eagle Grid procedure safe?

The Eagle Grid procedure is extremely safe. As long as your dentist has conducted all the necessary examinations and qualified you as a candidate, the chances are that you will come out unscathed.

Is the procedure performed under general anaesthesia?

Usually, dental practitioners will evaluate the situation first. If the patient is experiencing discomfort, they may opt to use a sedative to make the procedure more easily bearable.

Is the procedure conducted by any doctor?

The Grid Eagle procedure is a medical procedure. This means that biomedical engineers, doctors, dental technicians, and dentists can oversee this procedure. Safety is of the essence, and they do their best to ensure that the patient is comfortable.

Will I be able to carry out my normal activities after the procedure?

The truth is that you may experience some discomfort, but you can chew normally. Once you heal completely, everything will feel normal.

Which tests should I get before the procedure?

First off, the dentist will carry out a basic check on the patient. This will be followed by a panoramic x-ray.  When the dentist establishes that Eagle Grid is a viable remedy, a CT scan will be necessary, and then the dentist will prepare you for the procedure.

Does Eagle Grid cost the same as traditional implants?

The cost of the Eagle Grid procedure is in line with the current market, and most patients can afford it. Nonetheless, if you can’t raise the money at a go, you can depend on the various payment plans. It all depends on the choice of your clinic, insurance and, so on.

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