sterile eagle grid before insertion savina clinics malta

Introducing Eagle Grid – now dentures can really be considered a thing of the past.

More and more often we see patients who have lost most of their teeth and are constrained to wear a removable denture without the possibility of a fixed solution because there is not enough bone left for dental implant placement.

Bone grafting and major/invasive procedures can be proposed to these patients but the uncertain outcome and long recovery time (about a year) can be very discouraging.

An improved Subperiosteal Implant protocol, where the implant is placed over but not inside the bone, utilising the most innovative and recent technologies is now available, so that previously untreatable cases can now be provided with a fixed alternative

Eagle Grid is a new implant protocol consisting of a personalized metal structure (grid) in titanium, lying on the jawbone and fixed with retention screws

Titanium is so far the best metal suitable for surgical implants thanks to its biocompatibility with the bone tissue and almost no allergic reactions.

The Eagle Grid is personalized: built on a model of the residual bone of the patient obtained from a CT Scan. The planning, design and the execution is run by a qualified team of biomedical engineers, dental specialists, dental technicians and IT specialists, in order to obtain maximum accuracy during every stage of the process.

What Cases Are Suitable For Eagle Grid Treatment?

The Eagle Grid can resolve cases where all teeth are missing in both the upper and lower jaws and can replace even single teeth where bone is not available. Once the grid is placed accurately there is no need for a long healing time – in fact the grid can be loaded immediately with a fixed replacement bridge

Before Image – Patient without teeth before the insertion of the Eagle Grid

Eagel grid dental implant treatment before image savina dental clinics

After Image – One Month After The Insertion Of Eagle Grid

Eagle grid in situ after 2 months - savina dental clinics

Patient four months later with the new fixed bridge

finished bridge using eagle grid dental implant protocol at Savina Dental clinics malta and gozo

Eagle Grid Dental Implant Procedure Explained

1.     The first step is a panoramic x-ray of the jaws. Accurate impressions of both upper and lower gums are then taken and used to create a radiographic stent for use in the mouth during a Cone Beam CT scan examination

2.     The CT scan images are elaborated in a specialised laboratory in CADCAM to produce the Eagle Grid according to the patient’s requirements

planning stage eagle grid treatment

3.     Highly specialised equipment utilising laser melting at Biotec BTK laboratories in Italy use a very powerful laser beam to sinterise titanium powder into a three-dimensional structure: the Eagle Grid

sterile eagle grid before insertion savina clinics malta

4.     In the dental clinic setting, under local anaesthetic with or without sedation the gums are carefully exposed so that the Eagle Grid can be fitted in place. The Grid is fitted utilising specialised screws similar to the ones used in orthopaedics and traumatology. After suturing the patient is fitted with the immediate resin bridge that allows immediate chewing and guides the healing of the gums

5.     After 3 to 4 months, once the Grid and the surrounding tissues have healed and settled, the bridge is reconditioned or replaced

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