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When it comes to dental health, we advise brushing and flossing your teeth frequently and avoiding eating sugary foods regularly. This isn’t enough, as you are also required to observe healthy eating for the benefit of your oral health. Remember that oral health is a fundamental component of your overall health, and a deficiency in diet equally affects it.

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10 Foods for healthy teeth

Vitamin-rich food

Vitamin-rich foods strengthen tooth enamel and keep your teeth healthy. Foods like cheese, almonds and leafy greens contain calcium, while meat and eggs are known to be rich in phosphorus.

While acidic foods and drinks erode the tooth enamel, calcium and phosphate play a major role in replacing the lost minerals. This restores the enamel and keeps your teeth healthy.

Vitamin D prevents periodontal diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis. These are diseases that affect your gums. Gingivitis is caused by plaque buildup on your teeth, which inflames your gums. Periodontitis is much worse as it destroys the bone that your teeth are attached to, leading to loss of teeth. Vitamin C deficiency can also cause bleeding gums.

Crunchy foods

Crunchy foods are good for your teeth

Another great food choice that improves your oral health is crunchy foods. These include cucumbers, carrots, and apples.

Chewing these foods gets all your teeth working hard. This is a good thing as chewing interrupts and prevents the formation of dental plaque. The process of crushing and breaking these foods through chewing also cleans your teeth.

Crunchy foods help fend off bacteria that settle on the tooth surfaces. This means that they are good for your teeth from an oral hygiene perspective in the sense that they play the role of a natural toothbrush in keeping your teeth fresh and cleaning plaque from the surface of your teeth (1).

Dairy foods

Dairy foods such as cheese, milk, and yoghurt also contribute to good oral health.

Cheese is rich in phosphate and calcium. This is an essential mineral that strengthens your bones and teeth.

Too much acidity in your mouth is harmful to your teeth. Cheese and yoghurt ensure that the pH in your mouth is well balanced. Milk also helps to prevent dental caries.

Casein is another mineral found in dairy foods such as yoghurt. It is known to help in repairing and strengthening the tooth enamel.

Yoghurt is a renowned source of probiotics, which helps get rid of bad bacteria from your mouth. Natural yoghurt without sugar is the best choice for your dental health as it doesn’t contain processed sugars, thus reducing the risk of caries (2)

Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds have a somewhat rough texture. As you chew them, the plaque that settles on your teeth is cleared away. This happens through the grinding process as your teeth break down the seeds.

Sesame seeds are also rich in calcium that’s much-needed by both your teeth and bones.

However, you need to be careful when eating sesame seeds as they tend to get trapped between your teeth. When that happens, remove them as soon as possible.


Sugar helps bacteria to stick to your teeth, thereby causing dental caries. Fortunately, raisins are naturally sweet foods as they are not laced with sucrose.

Moreover, raisins are packed with five phytochemicals. These are unique chemicals that eliminate the kind of bacteria that is responsible for the build-up of plaque.

Research shows that raisins are a great source of oleanolic acids, which halts the growth of dental caries causing bacteria (3).


foods that are good for your dental health

Tooth decay is a common dental health problem. Luckily, research has shown that eating cranberries can lower the chances of experiencing tooth decay.

Cranberries have compounds that block tooth decay by preventing bacteria from sticking to your teeth. These compounds stop the formation of harmful plaque on the tooth’s surface.

You should, however, not consume excessive amounts of processed products containing cranberry as they have added sugars, which can cause tooth decay.


Strawberries have pectin (natural fibre) that acts as a self-cleaning agent. This agent improves your dental hygiene.

Strawberries are endowed with polyphenols which contain catechins, anthocyanin, and ellagic acid. Catechins can actively prevent the formation of plaque on your teeth’s surface by destroying harmful bacteria.

However, you might want to avoid having strawberry seeds trapped in between your teeth. But if it happens, flossing helps to remove them.


Chewing raw onions is something most people would not want. What you may not know is that onions are great for your oral health.

Onions have sulfur compounds which act as antibacterial properties. Onions neutralize some of the harmful bacteria in the mouth, helping keep away various oral infections in the process.


Apples are acidic and contain plenty of natural sugar. When you eat an apple, these sugars neutralize the harmful acids in your mouth. Given that apples are also a good source of vitamins, they are good for oral health.

The mechanical activity that is involved in the chewing of apples also helps cleanse your teeth.

The other thing with these fruits is that they have fibre. It takes quite some time to chew an apple, which helps stimulate the generation of saliva. Saliva helps to get rid of bacteria that are situated close to the gum line.


Salmon is a fatty fish which is an excellent source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D plays an integral part in helping your body to absorb calcium. This, in turn, helps to maintain strong teeth and healthy gums. Incorporating salmon in your diet ensures that your body makes good use of the calcium that is available.

Adding these foods to your diet can prove to be invaluable. As you can see, they help keep your teeth healthy. Some of them cleanse your teeth while others create a hostile environment in your mouth for harmful bacteria. So, eating these foods regularly keeps your teeth fresh, strong and healthy.

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