One of the biggest fears of having dental treatment abroad is not knowing the dentist you are about to allow work on you. There is also an added fear of communication issues if travelling to a country where English is not their first language.

Thankfully when visiting Savina Clinic – Dental and Implantology Centres in Malta and Gozo, you can rest assured in the knowledge that all staff members have extensive training in some of the most respected dental educational facilities throughout Europe, including the Royal College of Surgeons of London, England and Universita Vita-Salute San Raffaele in Milan, Italy, to name but a few.

Not only that but as Maltese are bilingual (Maltese and English are their joint official languages), there is never any “lost in translation” moments. If you are also travelling from Italy, you will appreciate the fact that the majority of Savina Clinics’ staff members are fluent in Italian, due to its close proximity to Italy. We also proudly have Italian and German natives as part of our esteemed team here at Savina Clinics which ensures communication is never an issue.

At Savina Dental, we like to go the extra distance to ensure both our local and foreign clients are treated in a first-class manner, where professionalism, transparency and client well being are our number one priorities. 

However, we are firm believers in letting our clients do the talking when it comes to our dental treatments abroad reputation. The following is a small segment of our previous patient’s feedback that we hope can put your mind at ease.

We also encourage you to use our free e-consultation service where our highly-qualified dentists will respond to you regarding any dental issue you may have or for overseas patients looking for advice on getting dental treatment in Malta.  

The Principal of Savina Clinic - Dental & Implantology Centres (Malta & Gozo), Dr Joseph Xuereb BChD (Hons), MFGDP(UK), MGDS RCS(Eng), FFGDP RCS(UK), FICD

The Principal of Savina Clinic – Dental & Implantology Centres (Malta & Gozo), Dr Joseph Xuereb BChD (Hons), MFGDP(UK), MGDS RCS(Eng), FFGDP RCS(UK), FICD.

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Here Is What Our Clients Are Saying About Us…

Tatu O

Absolutely awesome service. They answered my emails, gave me neutral information what options I have available for replacing a missing tooth, what are the prices and how much time needed. When I later had some problems (that was my own fault), they even fixed these problems free of charge. Not only the best dental clinic that I have visited, but actually the best service I have received in any COMPANY in many years!

I don’t wonder that people actually fly here for services of this company, so will I in the future!



John S-S

Joseph, sincere and very many thanks for all your work today. Very professional reassuring and top rate well done. I have had no problems whatsoever. My thanks to your team and to Maureen for her follow up call. Superb in every respect and I cannot thank you enough.

My regards and again well done.

John (S-S)


David E.

Hi Marlene,

Firstly I really enjoyed Malta, especially the boat trip to Gozo. The Maltese are very friendly people and I am looking forward to returning. The dental treatment was pain-free and found you and Joseph very reassuring as I was rather nervous just before the treatment. Now I have returned to Jersey, would you be kind enough to confirm the dates for the follow up appointments.

Best regards,



T. Murphy

My new implants are great!  No complaints.

My teeth feel natural and my eating time has been expedited.

Thanks for your professional care and precision.

Eileen and I both appreciate you very much.

Our best to you,




I should like to say how delighted I am with Dr Joseph Xuereb’s treatment. It has been very successful and I should like to thank him very much for making the whole experience so relaxing and comfortable.

I know I’ll be back in the future for further treatment!

Many thanks



A Kaun

Hello Doctor Xuereb.

Now we are back at home and we like to take the opportunity to say thank you again.

Thank you so much for your immediately and sufficient help!

Best wishes for you and your team!

A Kaun


Pamela C

Dear Dr Xuereb,

Everything is absolutely fine and I am truly delighted with the result. Thank you so much for your care and attention which I have appreciated throughout.

Best regards

Pamela C.


Jenni C.

Good morning Joe and team.

Can’t tell you how pleased I am with my new look which, I may add, has been remarked upon by complete strangers!  I am most grateful to you all for the hard work and patience shown on my behalf.  Thank you.

I am seeing my dentist, tomorrow morning and am hoping that the final notes, aftercare regime and x-rays have been sent to her?  I bumped into her in town the other day and gave her a sparkly smile and she seemed most impressed!

Best wishes to you all.



E. Brown

Dear Dr Xuereb,

I would like to say thank you for your perseverance, patience and professionalism.

I would also like to convey my appreciation of the kindness, courtesy and continuous positive, cheery attitude displayed by everyone connected with Savina Clinic.

Very best wishes.

E. Brown


R. Fava

Dear Dr Xuereb,

I hope you are well.

I just wanted to let you know that the implant itself looks in great shape. No pain, no side effects at all and it feels as if it was part of my jaw from birth. I m truly impressed.

The surgery was a walk in the park, and beyond all expectations. I honestly feel I have to congratulate you for the great job done. I now believe I will finally have durable teeth again to appreciate food in a different manner.

Should you have any patient that needs psychological assurance before such surgery, please feel free to give him/her my contact details. I will be more than happy to speak to him/ her.

Until next visit, thank you once more



P. Drummond

Dear Joseph,

It will come as little surprise to you that I am blown away by the completion of the main stage of my treatment. It has changed the way I live as I have recently eaten an, albeit slightly old and soft, apple from the core and eaten a pizza with my fingers, I’ve even bitten my nails (happily not a habit I have but good to try it out).

I can almost speak normally now, my singing is unchanged (sadly not improved) and I eat almost without adding my own cheek. I had a little bit of bleeding when using the Airfloss but that has now stopped and was, I believe, the gum healing around the big middle implant.

I am so incredibly impressed by the engineering aspects of dental implants and the fitting of the bridge, its cutting edge and a joy to behold. I could not believe that discomfort ended almost immediately.

Which brings me on to you; I have been so impressed by your treatment, not only your obvious skill but how you treated me as a patient, always taking the time to explain each aspect of the procedure and probably, in my case because of my genuine interest, taking that little bit longer. I enjoyed meeting you and am happy as your patient. For all of this I thank you.

If you have a potential patient coming from the UK please feel free to give them my number, I am more than happy to provide a testimonial/reference and also, although all treatments are different, provide a firsthand explanation of what was involved in mine.

I will see you in March, which I think will be two short appointments, presumably on Malta. In the meantime have a happy Christmas and a well earned rest.

Kind regards,

P. Drummond


C. Moffit

I just wanted to thank you again for the treatment. I was particularly impressed that you called to check on me the evening after. A simple gesture goes a long way.

Once again thank you.




A. Moore

Dear Marlene

I hope you are well. Thanks for your email and the x-ray attachments.

I had a very pleasant stay in Gozo and arrived home yesterday. I was a bit worried beforehand about having the extraction and implant, (as I have had many frightening dental experiences in the past) but was really happy with all my treatment at Savina Clinic. The extraction,  implant and the subsequent pain were surprisingly minor and shortlived. Dr Xuereb and all the staff were really nice and kind and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.

Please thank them all for me. My implant is healing well and I am keeping it clean and following all the instructions on my dental plan. I will be back in March next year (hopefully), for the abutment and crown.

Until then kind regards

A. Moore


K. Gord

I had an emergency broken tooth and found Savina on I was somewhat nervous as I hadn’t heard of Gozo and was only going to be in Malta for 2 weeks, in case something went wrong. As it turned out, I had no reason to be worried. Everything was perfect – the online appointment process, the reception at the clinic and, especially, Dr. Joseph Xuereb. He is world-class talented.

I had a full root canal and crown done in 2 visits and now, back in Canada, the tooth is 100%. The price was as quoted and a fraction of what is would have cost in Canada. 5 Stars all around! I’ll go back to Malta and have a sunny vacation next time I need work done.


T. Igoe

Hi Dr.,

Back in Ireland and in work. Thank you for the work you have done for me so far. I appreciate it.

Our next break is from Monday 11th February to Friday, 15th February. And then Easter is from 17th March to 28th March inclusive.

I hope these days will be suitable for further appointment with you.

I await hearing from you before I book my flights.

Best Regards



S. McBride

Dear Joseph,

Having safely return to Ulster I wanted to express my thanks for the care and attention I received in your clinic.

As you can imagine the incident which brought me to your door was fairly traumatic. If I am truthful the thought of the restorative treatment was almost as bad. However, you and your staff put me at ease and made the whole process bearable. I did not expect the level of care I received and would thank you for your professionalism and empathy. I would also thank you for putting a sparkle in Gillian’s smile.

I must also express my gratitude to Jennifer for guiding me through the process and placing me in your hands. Her recommendation did not fall short of the truth.

I look forward to seeing you in a few months.


S. McBride


If you would like to read all our client testimonials, we encourage you to visit our testimonial section here.

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