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Having a 3D digital scan of the inside of your mouth is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to diagnose dental issues and prescribe treatment. The iTero® 3D scanner produces vivid 3D images, capturing minute details of your mouth. It captures thousands of photos in a few minutes and converts them into 3D scans.

Dentists and orthodontists love it because of its high safety levels and accuracy, while patients appreciate its efficiency and comfort. This article discusses the iTero® 3D scanner in greater detail to help you understand what it is and its benefits.

Savina clinics were amongst the first to introduce intra-oral scanners into Malta more than ten years ago. The iTero Element 5D (Reg TM) is the latest addition to the clinics’ armamentarium in their quest to bring state-of-the-art dentistry to all patients.

What is a 3D iTero® scanner?

This is a 3D dental scanner that captures numerous pictures in your mouth before assembling them to create an accurate 3D model. It can replicate the exact dimensions of your teeth, gums, and mouth, eliminating the need to use bulky impression materials.

With that, your dentist can fully assess and inspect your condition in all aspects and plan for the right treatment. 

Over the years, technology has significantly improved from the previously available scanners and cameras. The scanner is specially-adapted and features a hygienic wand capable of taking thousands of pictures at a go. It features medical-grade lasers that take a total of 20 pictures per second. The dentist can capture a complete 3D scan of your mouth by moving and rotating the scanner.

The iTero® screen displays the 3D model bit by bit until you have a complete image in 10 minutes or less. Using these images, a dentist can assess various conditions and determine the appropriate treatments for the most desirable outcome.

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How iTero Works

iTero is a dedicated digital scanner for taking highly-accurate 3D scans of your mouth. The treatment process is straightforward and works by displaying a vivid representation of your mouth. It is possible to adjust the treatment in real-time, store and transmit data digitally, and project the expected results at the end of the treatment in what may be termed “Digital Smile Design.”

The dentist shows you the design for your new smile. If you’re happy with the kind of smile you could have, they recommend the best possible treatment options. Of course, one of the best treatments is Invisalign clear aligners.

How long does a 3D dental scan take?

A typical 3D dental scan can take only a few minutes for a rough sketch of your mouth. For some individuals, capturing a clear image may take a little longer than expected. Unlike a 3D CT scan, iTero® 3D scanning is more straightforward, takes a shorter time and does not involve radiation.

3D iTero® and Invisalign

One of the primary purposes of the 3D iTero® scanner is to assist patients to visualize possible results and help orthodontists plan for Invisalign treatments. They work flawlessly together due to the similarities between iTero scanning and Invisalign scanning technology.

If you intend to undergo an Invisalign treatment to straighten your teeth, don’t settle for other scanning technology than the 3D iTero®. It predicts how you’ll look after the procedure and helps the orthodontist plan your treatment.

3D iTero® and Gum Disease

Did you know that the number one cause of bleeding in your mouth is untreated gum disease? That’s why it’s essential to get treatment from your dentist as soon as you notice the bleeding. 

In its early stages, gum disease is difficult to identify with the naked eye. Occasionally the scan can identify redness and puffiness in the gums in hard-to-see areas – the dentist can then recommend early and less invasive treatment methods.

Benefits of iTero® 3D Scanning Technology

iTero® 3D Scanner for Dental Treatments in Malta - savina dental clinics

The iTero® 3D scanning technology comes with several benefits emanating from the speed and quality of images it produces. Here are five advantages of this scanning technology:


With the iTero scanner, dentists can use the scan results to project the possible treatment for your dental issues. Most dentists show the projected treatment on your second visit. With that, you no longer have to rely on guesswork or grapple with uncertainty when deciding to go ahead with an Invisalign treatment.


There was a time when dental impressions had to be sent to specialist laboratories for 3D modelling. However, with an iTero® 3D scanner, it is now possible to submit the results digitally, making it possible to get the requisite aligners in a shorter time. This means that you don’t have to wait for long to get your perfect teeth.


If you have made a physical impression of your teeth before, then you understand how uncomfortable it can be – messy and bulky. With a 3D scan, you don’t have to worry about gagging.


The accuracy of iTero® 3D scans is way superior compared to traditional impressions. It also provides a more detailed 3D image of your teeth and gums, helping the dentist diagnose various conditions and prescribe treatment accurately. It enables the dentist to install aligners more accurately and eliminates the need for repeating impressions.


The iTero® scanner has high safety levels. Unlike other imaging methods, it is radiation-free and great to use at any time of the day. The latest version of iTero®, Element 5D, also features NiRi (near infra-red technology), an innovative integrated optical diagnostic aid using class I laser to aid in detecting and monitoring interdental decay without using harmful radiation. This means that regular monitoring of decay in susceptible patients can be carried out frequently without radiation risk. 

These features have enhanced the usefulness and cost-effectiveness of iTero® technology for your dentist.

There is no better way for you to get accurate 3D scans of your mouth than using the iTero 3D scanner. Most dentists and orthodontists use these machines to make a more straightforward diagnosis and prescription. The trip to the dentist’s office should no longer be as scary as it used to be. Not only is the scanning process safe, but it also produces accurate results.

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