scanora cone beam scannerSavina Clinic has just commissioned a Scanora® Cone Beam 3D CT Scanner at its premises in Victoria, Gozo. The equipment is built by Soredex of Helsinki Finland and is represented in Malta by Suratek Ltd.

This installation has been made possible by a grant from the European Regional Development Fund under the ERDF Innovation Actions Grant Scheme (Innovation) – CALL 2 and the close collaboration of Mr Kevin Galea, managing director of Suratek Ltd.

Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT), also known as Cone Beam Volumetric Imaging (CBVI) provides a new and innovative way of seeing dental and maxillofacial anatomy and solving diagnostic tasks. It is now regarded as the standard of care for many applications in dentistry and is profoundly influencing clinical decision making like no other imaging modality developed in the past century. The Scanora® 3D System is essentially two machines in one – providing the speed and efficiency of traditional panoramic imaging in conjunction with advanced 3D technology. The highdefinition panoramic image shows the regions that need further investigation with 3D imaging. The optimum 3D field of view can then be easily selected, treatment planned and finally follow-up studies done. Sophisticated computing technology improves image quality and is less sensitive to the main causes of image artifacts, such as patient movement and metal restorations in the patient’s mouth. The four selectable fields of view allow patient radiation dosage to be kept to an absolute minimum – area for area, dose levels are significantly lower than with medical CT scanning up to 80% in absolute terms.

scanora cone beam scanner

In April 2010 Soredex Ltd had invited Dr Joseph Xuereb, principal at Savina Clinic to their annual Workshop and Conference in Helsinki – a meeting place for all practitioners and distributors of Soredex Imaging Equipment, and subsequently sent over to Malta, Mr Juurki Koivu to supervise the installation. In early July, Ms Tiina Vatto, clinical education director arrived to give training to Savina Clinic staff in the use and information management of the system.

In 2007, Savina Dental Clinic was appointed International Visiting Centre for Zimmer dental, a leading dental implant manufacturer in California, USA – the Scanora 3D System will be a most welcome addition to the clinic’s armamentarium. It will enable patients to be treated locally and in a time efficient manner with the latest diagnostic and treatment planning technology. It will enable more patients to be treated with dental implant and bone augmentation procedures as well as make routine surgical procedures safer and diagnosis of various conditions more precise.

scan from scanora scanner

The Scanora 3D System has other applications such as ENT, facial and head trauma and airway analysis for sleep apnoea evaluation. It is available for medical and dental colleagues for patientreferral.Savina Clinic is proud to have introduced this technology to the Maltese Islands and is thankful for all the assistance and expertise offered by the various parties involved.