Twelve staff members attended a full-day course organised by the Savina Clinic administration dealing with the management of medical and dental emergencies and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. The course was held at the new Savina Dental Clinic at SkyParks Business Centre at Malta International Airport.

The speaker was Dr Adam Bartolo, a recognised expert in the field, who dedicated a full day to take both the professional as well as the nursing and ancillary staff through the theoretical and practical aspects of dealing with emergency situations in the dental practice and the administration of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.

The morning session was dedicated to lectures on the various situations one might encounter during dental treatment – simple faints and other causes of sudden loss of consciousness, acute chest pain and cardiac arrest,  anaphylactic shock, fits and asthmatic attacks. Immediate management, drugs and equipment used in treating these conditions and summoning assistance were all dealt with.

After lunch, a practical demonstration was carried out using a state-of-the-art Resusci-Annie and a defibrillator

morning lectures

Morning Lectures

individual practice

Individual Practice

team training

Team Training


group photo

Group Photo with Resusci-Annie

kindly made available by the Dental Association of Malta. All members of staff were given the opportunity to practise CPR individually. This was followed by groups of three simulating the management of an emergency situation outlined by Dr Bartolo and timed to add a sense of urgency and reality.

The course was brought to a close with a lively Q&A session and discussion. Dr Joseph Xuereb thanked Dr Bartolo for his excellent presentations and selfless dedication to conducting the course and the Council of the Dental Association of Malta for their kind support. All attendees were presented with CPE certificates

The day was rounded up with dinner at Ciappetti Restaurant in Mdina