dental veneers treatment Malta - Savina dental clinics - Malta and Gozo

Dental Veneers Malta – Treatment Options/Prices

Dental veneers treatment in Malta is growing in popularity as more and more people chase the perfect smile. The importance of a healthy & even…
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Cosmetic Contouring In Malta: Everything You Need To Know

Cosmetic Contouring is not a well-known phrase for most people outside of the dental industry, but it may just be one of the best low…
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Dental Anesthesia Options Malta Savina Dental Clinics

Dental Anesthesia Options

Dental procedures are essential processes that help you achieve optimal dental health. Prevention, restoration, diagnosis, endodontic, and orthodontic procedures are all classes of dental procedures.…
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dentistry for children at Savina dental clinics malta and gozo

Dentistry For Children

If we lived in a fantasy world, our children would look forward to seeing their dentist just like they wait in anticipation for the tooth…
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aligners versus braces - which is better?

Aligners Versus Braces – Which is Better?

Adults seeking orthodontic treatment have a lot of questions regarding the best method to use. Therefore a common question we get asked is regarding aligners…
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dental crown treatment Malta - Savina Dental Clinics Malta and Gozo

Dental Crown Treatment In Malta

A dental crown is an effective treatment used to restore a tooth that has been damaged. It protects the vulnerable tooth and adds structural support,…
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baby teeth in adults savina dental clinics malta and gozo

Baby Teeth in Adults – Causes and Treatments

Did you know that baby teeth in adults, also known as retained baby teeth are actually quite common? In this article, we cover the reasons…
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Partial Dentures for Front Teeth Treatment Options at Savina dental clinics malta and gozo

Partial Dentures for Front Teeth Treatment Options

Partial dentures are removable dental appliances used to restore your jaw’s function and form and aesthetics by replacing one or several missing teeth. They look…
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Enamel Hypoplasia (Chalky Teeth) Causes and Treatment - savina dental clinics malta and gozo

Enamel Hypoplasia (Chalky Teeth) Causes and Treatment

Enamel hypoplasia is a name used to refer to underdeveloped or incomplete tooth enamel. But before we proceed further, what is the enamel? Simply put,…
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options for correcting your crossbite savina dental clinics malta and gozo

Options for Correcting Your Crossbite

If you are like many people, you probably won’t completely understand what a crossbite is until you experience it first-hand or have a family member…
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Abscessed Tooth: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment - savina dental clinics malta and gozo

Abscessed Tooth: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Toothache is one of the most common oral conditions. Although relatively straightforward to diagnose, access and treat, some toothaches can be a lot more serious,…
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tooth enamel erosion and treatment options - Savina dental clinics malta and gozo

Tooth Enamel Wear & Treatment Options

The topmost layer of the tooth is known as the enamel. It is the part that protects the tooth from chemical and physical damage. For…
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What Is The Fastest Way To Straighten Teeth - Savina Dental Clinics Malta and Gozo

What Is The Fastest Way To Straighten Teeth?

Did you know that the straighter your teeth, the healthier they are? Other than being easier to clean, when your teeth are straight, there are…
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broken jaw what to do next - savina dental clinics malta and gozo

Broken Jaw: What To Do Next?

Our jaws play an important role in helping us eat, speak and breathe. Hence, any form of trauma or damage to the jaw can inhibit…
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rugby players should wear custom made mouth guards - savina dental clinics Malta and gozo

How To Prevent & Treat Common Sports Dental Injuries

As an athlete, getting hurt is more of a rite of passage. Many athletes wear their scars proudly as reminders of the preparation and the…
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My Tooth Broke: What To Do Next

My Tooth Broke: What To Do Next

If you’ve ever had a broken tooth, then you know how painful it is. Having a broken tooth is usually not a matter of how…
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88: Excruciating Tooth Pain: What To Do Next

Excruciating Tooth Pain: What To Do Next

Tooth pain occurs when the nerve in the roots of your tooth is irritated (1). A throbbing toothache is one of the most excruciating pains…
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toddler tooth decay treatment

Toddler Tooth Decay Treatment

Tooth decay is a problem affecting adults and toddlers alike. According to NICDR (National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research), about 42% of kids aged…
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blue or grey teeth causes and treatment - savina dental clinics malta and gozo

Blue/Grey Teeth: Causes And Treatment

Not everyone has the luxury of having pearly white teeth. Some have discoloured teeth despite following a strict flossing and brushing regimen. Their teeth are…
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fix gap in teeth

How to Fix Gap Between Front Teeth

Some people are born with a natural gap in their front teeth, also known as a diastema. In fact, a report by the American Dental…
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bad breath in children savina dental clinics malta and gozo

Bad Breath in Children: Causes & Treatment

One of the first and best oral hygiene practice you can teach your children at a tender age is brushing their teeth before they retire…
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Oral Fibroma Treatment In Malta - Savina Dental Clinics

Oral Fibroma Treatment In Malta

Regular dental visits are essential. According to a survey conducted in 1993, kids who had regular dentist visits had fewer missing teeth in comparison to…
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alternatives to root canals

Are There Alternatives to Root Canals?

Losing a tooth can be emotionally challenging. Fortunately, root canal treatments provide a great way to save your tooth. With a 97% success rate being…
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what to do if your filling falls out malta

What To Do If Your Filling Falls Out

Fillings can loosen and fall out. While this is not an emergency, when your dental filling falls out, it can cause pain since it exposes…
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Sensitive Teeth Treatment In Malta at Savina Dental Clinics Malta and Gozo

Sensitive Teeth Treatment In Malta

Teeth sensitivity is a common dental problem that can make even the most basic oral activities like eating, drinking and brushing uncomfortable. According to the…
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tooth pain

Crooked Jaw & Treatment Options

Most people never stop to think about their jaws until something goes wrong. Living with a malformed jaw can be incredibly trying. It causes severely…
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How to Straighten Teeth Without Braces - Savina Dental Clinics Malta And Gozo

How to Straighten Teeth Without Braces

While some dentists may recommend braces to straighten teeth, not everyone fancies traditional dental braces. Fortunately, for some, there are other ways of straightening out…
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dental check up

Dental Bridges Vs Implants Treatment In Malta

According to statistics, there is a high probability that you will face the following dental dilemma in your adult life – Dental Bridges or Implants?…
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toothache during pregnancy savina dental clinics malta and gozo

Toothache During Pregnancy: What To Expect & Do

Trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep, morning sickness funny craving and a sore back is all part and parcel of pregnancy. But it does…
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chipped front tooth treatment malta and gozo

Chipped Front Tooth Treatment Guide

Although the tough outer covering of the tooth, known as enamel, is the strongest mineral in your body, it is prone to damage. This is…
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Wisdom Teeth Removal Treatment In Malta

Did you know that your wisdom teeth are the last teeth to appear in your mouth and are the most commonly removed teeth? Not only…
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Stained Teeth Treatment Malta Commonly Asked Questions

Stained Teeth Treatment Commonly Asked Questions

Stained teeth may be as a result of poor dental hygiene, tobacco use, ageing, specific medication and even diseases. Fortunately, your dentist can recommend the…
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How To Fix An Open Bite In Malta

How your teeth meet and align when you close your bite is known as occlusion. Ideally, your teeth should match up against each other perfectly…
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Gum Graft Treatment In Malta

Receding gums can be scary and painful at the same time. The good news is that you do not need to panic since the procedure…
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What Is Bonding in Dentistry & How Is It Used?

There are times when you might need a little cosmetic touch up to maintain a healthy, attractive smile. Tooth bonding also referred to as dental…
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How To Treat Gums That Bleed While Brushing Your Teeth

The sight of blood when brushing your teeth is often an indication that you have injured yourself or that something isn’t right. Although traces of…
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Impacted Canines Treatment: Everything You Need To Know

For best performance and appearance, all your teeth need to develop in healthy alignment. If your tooth is impacted, this may affect its function as…
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How To Treat Recurrent Oral Ulcerations

Recurrent Oral Ulcerations are small mouth ulcers that typically last for a few days, but keep coming back every few weeks or months. These sores…
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How Your Dentist Can Help Treat Bad Breath

Are you battling with bad breath? According to research, bad breath or halitosis affects approximately 25% of people. It is the 3rd most common reason…
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gum disease treatment malta

Gum Treatment and Oral Hygiene

Gum treatment is the treatment of active gum and jaw bone disease. The treatment can slow or stop the progression of the disease. Since there…
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