Dental Anesthesia Options Malta Savina Dental Clinics

Dental Anesthesia Options

Dental procedures are essential processes that help you achieve optimal dental health. Prevention, restoration, diagnosis, endodontic, and orthodontic procedures are all classes of dental procedures.…
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Stained Teeth Treatment Malta Commonly Asked Questions

Stained Teeth Treatment Commonly Asked Questions

Stained teeth may be as a result of poor dental hygiene, tobacco use, ageing, specific medication and even diseases. Fortunately, your dentist can recommend the…
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Dental Implants Treatment In Malta | Savina Dental Clinics

Many of us will someday be faced with the decision to replace a tooth or indeed a number of teeth. One of the best options…
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How To Fix An Open Bite In Malta

How your teeth meet and align when you close your bite is known as occlusion. Ideally, your teeth should match up against each other perfectly…
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Gum Graft Treatment In Malta

Receding gums can be scary and painful at the same time. The good news is that you do not need to panic since the procedure…
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