Please see our indicative dental prices and fees below at Savina Dental Clinics. Contact us for a custom quote if your required treatment is not included on the list to get an indication of the cost. You can also request an e-consultation.

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Initial Consultation including Periodontal Assessment and Oral Cancer Screening€ 35
Implant, prosthetic or periodontal consultation (Free with Treatment) € 50
Panoramic X-ray€ 75
Intra-oral X-ray€ 25
Full Mouth Periodontal Radiographic Exam€ 120
Cone Beam CT Scan: FOV 1€ 90
Cone Beam CT Scan: FOV 2€ 135
Cone Beam CT Scan: FOV 3€ 165
Cone Beam CT Scan: FOV XL€ 180

Hygiene Session, (Scaling and Polish - Registered Dental Hygienist) from€ 50
Hygiene Session (including local anaesthetic)€ 60
Hygiene Session one arch€ 30
Air Prophy stain removal - 10 minutes (currently suspended)€ 50
Air Prophy – 20 minutes (currently suspended)€ 75
Air Prophy – 30 minutes (currently suspended)€ 95
Laser disinfection, from€ 75
Fluoride application€ 45

Cosmetic Whitening
SmartBleach Laser Tooth Whitening€ 465
Fläsh Whitening system€ 365
Home Tooth Whitening Upper/Lower Trays + NiteWhite® gel€ 240

Cosmetic Veneers
Porcelain Inlays/Onlays, from€ 425
Porcelain Veneers, from€ 475
Temporary veneers, from€ 45
Lumineers, from€545

Crowns, metal/porcelain, from€ 390
Cerec AC crowns, inlays, veneers (same-day metal-free porcelain), from€ 425
Crowns, porcelain/Zirconium, Lumineers®, from€ 565
Temporary crowns, from€ 50

Removal of Amalgam Filling under Rubber Dam from€ 30
Composite Filling: 1 surface from€ 50
Composite Filling: 2 surfaces from€ 55
Composite Filling: 3 surfaces from€ 65
Composite Filling: Complex from€ 80

Mini Implants, for removable denture stabilization, each€ 425
Implants, Zimmer®, Straumann® from€ 1,250
Implants, Dentaurum ®, BTK®€ 1,075
Crown, Pontic metal/porcelain on implant from€ 390
Standard Implant Abutment€ 195
Angled Implant Abutment€ 245
Zirconia Implant Abutment€ 425
‘Toronto’ Bridge All-on 4 Implants all inclusive from€ 7,250
Implant Placement +‘Toronto’ Bridge in 48 hours – supplement€ 1,450
Implant-retained removable dentures – 2 implants€ 3,950
Implant-retained removable dentures – 3 implants€ 4,900

Extraction and Surgery
Extraction, from€ 50
Surgical Extraction, from€ 140
Root Planing & Curettage (under local anaesthesia), per quadrant€ 175 - € 325
Periodontal Surgery, Gingivectomy, Gingivoplasty, per quadrant from€ 350
Sinus Lift, incl bone graft material, crestal approach€ 625
Sinus Lift, incl bone graft/membrane, lateral approach (Caldwell-Lac) from€ 745

Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal Treatment Anterior teeth (3 visits)€ 255
Root Canal Treatment Posterior teeth (3 visits)€ 285
Root Canal Treatment Re-Treatment, from€ 350
Extra Root Canal Treatment visit, from€ 45 - 50

Full Upper/Lower Removable dentures, set, from€ 800
Partial Chrome dentures, each from€ 675
Partial Titanium dentures, each from€ 1,150

Orthodontic Treatment & Miscellaneous
Soft Splint€ 100
Sports mouthguards – custom made from€ 200 - € 250
Hard Splint, from€ 135
Therapeutic splint€ 275
Invisalign treatment, from€ 3,500
Snoring devices, from€295

Fees Explained – Cost Of Treatments

The above table contains the indicative price for a wide range of treatments and services in our Dental Clinics. Our treatment fees vary based on the case’s complexity; therefore, without a consultation with one of our experienced and highly qualified dentists, it is impossible to give an exact quote.

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